A lung cancer diagnosis, although devastating, you can still fight and arm yourself with information.  Below is just a few things you can do to fight.

  • Identify your needs and be informed
  • Find a facility that treats many lung cancer that matches your need
  • Talk with your doctor about all the options available, including other multi-disciplinary professionals that will provide a wrap around service of care
  • Search the cancer website for reputable facilities
  • Visit our partners for a detailed list of questions to ask doctors and cancer treatment facilities.
  • Visit National Cancer Institute, Associates of Community Cancer Services, American College of Surgeons’ Commission of Cancer, National Comprehensive Cancer Network.
  • Familiarize yourself with clinical trails and holistic treatments that strengthens the body. Diet is very important.

The most important thing to remember: The decision is yours. The plan is yours. Whatever you, together with your family and team of doctors decide: The call is yours. Be encouraged!  Cinderella Cares about you.

Need support, chat with others who are affected by Lung Cancer.

The following are a list of website for support we found  to be resourceful.

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