The Legacy


Cinderella Salmon

April 29th, 1939 – April 17th, 2011



Cinderella Salmon was born on the colorful island of Jamaica in 1939. After immigrating to the United Statesshe settled into Silver Springs, Maryland, and Cinderella was proud to become a US citizen in 1980. Seeking to better herself and to provide for her family, she went back to school, receiving a Certificate of Nursing Assistance. Cinderella worked as a CNA until she retired at the age of 62.

Cinderella lost her three year battle against cancer on April 17, 2011. Through the struggle she remained a joyful person that cared deeply about others. Cinderella spent her life giving back to her family, her coworkers, and her community. Knowing she was dying, Cinderella planned her own funeral step by step. A dignified woman of strength and kindness, she left a loving message about a life well lived and the importance of all to reach out to others.

Her children heard her message and chose to continue her legacy of caring by creating “Cinderella Cares” a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Cinderella Cares. The children Eglon Daley the artist, Eglon Daley,  Sonia Salmon-Gayle the caregiver and Comedian/Actor Ian Salmon felt called upon to use their talents in developing a unique approach to fundraising Comedy and the Arts.

As an organization, our mission is: To generate financial support for organizations best serving Lung Cancer patients through the use of Comedy and the Arts. Our vision is: To empower patients and their families dealing with Lung Cancer by promoting early diagnosis, increasing awareness, and supporting research that will hopefully one day find a cure.

We want to raise revenues to assist families as they navigate their way through “The System” to survival, says Sonia Salmon-Gayle. We will support research and development of “The Cure”.  Our motto is: Awareness, Cure and Early Diagnosis (ACE). The Salmon family has been blessed with many talents.  During the summer of 2011, they embarked on a new summer comedy series titled “Cinderella Cares Comedy for a Cure.”

Our partners in this endeavor and recipients of foundation dollars include Lung Cancer Alliance, Washington DC, , Holy Cross Oncology Center, Silver Springs, MD,  in addition, our Comedy Club partners include The Riot Act Comedy Club, Washington DC, Yamas restaurant  (First Fridays Comedy) and Arucola Restaurant, (A Funny Conversation.)

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