Your Contributions

Each year we give to Lung Cancer Alliance and Holy Cross Hospital. The following is a break down of  where your unselfish givings help to support.   We hope that you will continue to make your donations and attend our events as we continue to make a difference in the lives of those living with and or at risk for a lung cancer diagnosis.  We could not do this work with out your support.  Thank you very much, with heartfelt gratefulness and humility.


Your donation helps to support these systems

$ 26 provides free, unlimited one-on-one phone support for an individual coping with a diagnosis

$ 38 provides 6 months-worth of educational materials to 1 medical facility to give to newly diagnosed families

$ 52 provides personalized support packets for 5 people facing lung cancer

$104 connects a patient or caregiver with a Phone Buddy mentor for ongoing support throughout their lung cancer journey

$99 dollars equate to a free Low- Dose Ct-Scan at USCNCC

$700 off sets the cost of a free Low-dose Ct-scan research program, ILCAP



Make a Donation to day!


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